Our journey:

Three years ago this month, I set out to reorganize my ideas. I knew a few things for certain: I loved cutting paper, I loved sewing and I loved putting these passions together. But for all my longing, I had spend years not quite combining them in the way I dreamed. I decided it was time to start something based around this philosophy. It was time to share this dream as both artist and crafter.

ravenSince I started with a mission, the next step was to name this project. I had just finished a series of bird cuts that I had titled, the bird mob. Over the years before I had been called “the girl who cuts birds” (Disclaimer: Papercuts of birds. Bird mafia does not promote the mutilation of any animals, especially birds.) So I thought maybe I was on to something. Soon in a letter to a pen-pal, I shared my ideas. She promptly informed me that “bird mafia” sounded more bad-ass. I agreed.


Since then I’ve had the pleasure of taking bird mafia to some amazing west coast shows from Seattle to Los Angeles. We’ve sent our cut paper designs all over the world and connected with some fantastic stores in Singapore, Australia, Poland, Canada, Japan, the UK and across the states. We owe this reach almost entirely to Etsy, a place for creative people to show what they can do and to share their dreams with the world.

But mostly, on our shop’s third birthday, we’d like to thank every one of our lovely customers and fans! The past three years wouldn’t have been such an amazing ride without you (and here’s to the next three!)


emily and the bird mafia

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