The fantastic outdoors.

From a desk full of xacto blades and paper scraps:

cuttingpaperI love rain. It’s strange, yes, especially considering that I spent restless days of my childhood waiting out El Nino when I seemed like it would never stop (I, of course, opened the blinds on my bedroom window, listened to the falling water, turned on a Beach Boys tape that my dad bought me and drew… a lot.) So, I welcome this season that has officially descended upon California.

In keeping with the theme of the year (Adventure!), which I am focusing on in life, as well as art, I have decided to get outside more (rain or shine, grey or blue.) Therefore, today I took a break from working on new designs and took advantage of my current proximity to beautiful Big Sur. In the company of a friend, I walked through forest floors blanketed with yellow and brown leaves and purplish-grey meadows. The sky was beautiful; it was cold, but wind was unseasonably warm… I highly recommend dropping everything and getting outside just before the rain begins on the central California coast. It was, as one of my best friends would say, “Magical!”

And the best part about going outside in less than ideal weather… getting home, curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and cutting a giant grizzly bear out of a single sheet of paper (or maybe that’s just me. ::grins::)

Update ::: We’ll be at Urban Air Market (Formerly known as Capsule Design Festival), Sunday May 6th, SF, more info at

More show dates coming soon!

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