Article in Good Times…

This is very exciting for me. Bird Mafia is featured in this weeks fashion issue of Good Times Santa Cruz. Give it a read!!!

Bird Brain

Monterey Bay local creates a line of highflying T-shirts
By Leslie Patrick

Birds have long been a symbol of freedom and power throughout the world. But it’s only been within the past few years that images of our feathered friends have popped up in the world of fashionable self-expression. Whether a delicate bird pendant or a pair of feathered earrings, bird effigies have officially swooped into mainstream style.

Cashing in on this avian trend is Emily Brown, proprietress of the start-up local company Bird Mafia, whose products are sold locally at Stripe. Brown creates retro textile designs using only organic, reused and recycled materials. “I just love the freedom to make whatever comes into my mind,” Brown says. “I prefer to take images and use them in all sorts of different ways. Through crafts and fashion I can make it more affordable.” She explains that while many people may not be able to afford to bring a fine art piece into their home, a pillow or a T-shirt with an artistic image on it can be just as unique—and often much more attainable.

Brown began Bird Mafia only a year ago, but the line—which includes house wares and accessories in addition to the tees—is quickly taking flight. “At the core I am a paper cutter, so all my prints are cut paper, and then I burn them into the screens that I print onto textiles,” Brown says. “The designs translate well into clothing and home items, and it’s a way to get my art out in different forms.” Considering that fashion is one of the most personal forms of self-expression, flaunting a bird to represent stylistic freedom makes perfect sense.

Bird Mafia T-shirts are available locally at Stripe, 107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz,, or online at

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