Wrap up.

I think I may have recovered from Maker Faire at last (though I will say I have not simply slept the past two days like I did the two after Maker 09.) I’m already cutting paper and excited that I have time to do it!

Knit.one.one is up next, June 5th, in Berkeley (very close to Oakland. I know this because I always get lost in Oakland, so when I see the sign a short distance away from k.1.1. I feel a desperate need to turn around. No offense to Oakland, you have great points, but I lose all sense of direction and end up in the absolute wrong place every time.) BUT, knit.one.one is great. If you’re in the area you should come by and check it out.

And to top it off… photos from Maker Faire….

bird mafia is listening - i recruited some friends to help put this together, when you pick it up you hear mafia movie lines with bird noises.

Yep, I was lucky enough to be greeted by this guy while setting up Saturday morning!

Elysse had to balance my serious face on day one.Okay, so this last one wasn’t at Maker Faire. On our way to Herbivore in the city, Scott and I came across a Swoon off of 24th. I can’t describe the excitement! It was like getting to meet my favorite artist. And check out the size of it!

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